I build cool stuff with teams of awesome people.

Heyo! I'm James.

I'm an Engineering Manager, Solution Architect, eCommerce Expert and Floral Shirt Connoisseur.

(phew, that's a lot of things)

Companies I've helped build and grow

WawaHarper CollinsMarsApple MusicHome HardwareBAT

My Mission

Lead by example, with integrity and empathy.

I empower and guide teams of talented people, fostering an environment of collaboration, curiosity, and growth, while delivering solutions that drive impact.

Building and delivering digital products
10+ years
Leading & coaching teams of amazing humans
5+ years

Driving velocity

From conception to completion.

I'm engaged in every facet of pre-sales, estimation, contract negotiation, solution architecture, and seamless software delivery.

Project Discovery.
Collaborate closely with project stakeholders to gain deep insights into their challenges and goals, providing expert recommendations for solutions. Define scope, timeline and budget to inform project contracts.
Technical Solutioning.
Engage in collaboration with peers from diverse competencies including Strategy, Marketing, and Experience Design, to collectively shape and define custom solutions.
Roadmapping & Planning.
Take charge of technology project execution by facilitating scrum meetings, overseeing technical dependencies, and actively identifying and mitigating risks to ensure smooth progress and successful outcomes.
Cross-functional Team Leading.
Spearheading platform selection and implementation, orchestrating data management and flow, devising effective roll-out strategies, and integrating various third-party solutions inherent in enterprise-level projects.
Delivery & Deployment.
The final exhilarating steps where solutions are launched into the world, ready to make a meaningful impact.
Measurable Results.
Define, measure, and quantify clear insights into the effectiveness and success of the team's endeavors.

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